…For women, men and children with incontinence, bladder leakage issues and also providing relief from period pain in women

Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser


Winner of 2015 ECRM award Most Innovative New Product at the European Healthcare, Vitamin, Diet and Nutrition Expo in Vienna.

iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser


Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever


Children’s Dry Night Trainer



“As a middle aged woman who’s had surgery & takes prescribed meds for incontinence (both without 100% success), this was a last-ditch attempt for which I didn’t have any great hopes. I’m delighted to say I was wrong – only a few weeks in, & the difference is notable. I’ve stopped taking my meds & don’t need to wear pads every day. After experimenting, I’ve discovered that for me, the MIXED programme is much less effective. Although it’s recommended for cases of urge & stress (like mine) I’ve got much better results from a daily session of URGE followed by one of STRESS. I’ve made it part of my nightly routine – I use the exerciser while I’m reading in bed before sleeping – so it doesn’t intrude on my life.”*
“Before using the itouch machine, I had suffered with incontinence when laughing or holding on and I had a small vaginal prolapse getting increasingly larger. These things were becoming a part of my life and very inconvenient.
Using the itouch machine was easy. Just insert the applicator and adjust the pulse control to a desired level of comfort. There are different settings for different problems. I used the “Stress” setting, mainly to work on my pelvic floor and the results were unbelievable. I could sit down and relax for 20 minutes, read a book or watch TV. I didn’t even know it was there. Just 20 mins a day was well worth the results I was getting.
Within 4 days I notice the prolapse has almost disappeared and no more running to the toilet in a hurry.”*
Debbie L

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